SIR's Branch 142 Website 

Members are always boasting about our Branch142 Website, that has been operational since February, 2008. It was created as a way of offering a variety of information about our Branch, and other SIR organizations, in an appealing format...easy read, with clarity. The site will allow members to freely research and  explore a vast amount of information about SIR, Inc., or combining the convenience of e-mail with the global reach of the web. 

Consider the Website as a means of communicating with a variety of people and places by using the global Internet to share written words, data information and photos.  It's a cyber-free service for all who want to visit other sites, as an example: view all activities going on in all other SIR Branches as well.

It's a powerful way to spread the word about Branch 142, who allows members and the general public to view the activities  going on at their Branch.

Branch 142 is dedicated in building a vibrant  community service image for  those who have retired, or are semi-retired, from gainful employment, it's also committed to supporting lively activities that enhance and serve its members with feelings of accomplishment and meaning. 

The Big Sir  is responsible in seeing that the leadership of the Branch encourages its members to fully participate in Branch activities, and also acknowledge new and creative ideas to be carried out by talented members.  

Now that you've found us, visit us often for up-to-date information, historical data, and goings-on that members are involved in.

                                   How to join SIR Branch #142 ?

           CONTACT: John Bernat Web Master

                 Phone: 650-678-5840
BIG SIR - JIM VEIT - yr 2019