As your newly elected Little SIR for Year 2012, it's appropriate to publish the duties and responsibilities of the office of the Little SIR for all members to see and read on our Website. Our site is another way to communicate with the membership and let them know the various duties of their officers serving Branch 142. They are all volunteers but not many of us know what they have signed up for as leaders in assisting our organization to function efficiently. That being said, listed below are official rules that apply to the Little SIR's position.

Article 3 - Little SIR

RULE 170.  In the absence or inability of the Big SIR, or at his request, the Little SIR shall perform all of the duties of the Big SIR.  When so acting, he shall have all of the powers of, and shall be subject to all restrictions placed upon the Big SIR.

RULE 171.  The Little SIR may be a member of any committee except the Nominating and Travel Committees on  which he shall not serve in any capacity.

RULE 172.  The Little SIR shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Big SIR, or the Branch Executive Committee. 

Little SIR
January, 2012