It was back on July 23, 1958 that a few friends gathered together and struck out to build an organization that would recognize aging as one important aspect of socialization----the life-long process through which an individual learns the cultural norms and values of a particular society. 
Damian L. Reynolds, was the leader of those few good men, who was a visionary, whom sociologist would say was astute enough to know how important it was for the retiree to stay actively involved, whether at a job or in other pursuits.
He realized the social nature of man and the desire of companionship of others that led him to conceive the idea of the SONS IN RETIREMENT, INC., organization in 1958. 
Organizational planning meetings followed whereupon Branch NO.1 was the first to be established with the chosen name of SONS IN RETIREMENT, INC., on August 20, 1958.
Rules and Procedures were drawn up at the time of incorporation in 1959 set forth the basic guidelines, that have been revised from time to time.
The basic principles were:
  • It was to be a luncheon club meeting of men retired from gainful employment.
  • There were to be no dues, initiation fees or assessments other than voluntary contributions at each luncheon  to cover expenses.
  • The organization would embrace no political party, religion or sect of any kind.
  • Eligible men would be invited to join after attending one luncheon and being introduced by a member sponsor.
  • The Club would meet monthly for lunch at the member's expense, and a program would become part of each luncheon.
Branch 142 is an outcrop of all those years of planning and had its first meeting on August 6, 1987; it received its charter on February 4, 1988. 

A Brief History About Branch 142